Loyalty & Reward Programs

Built-In or Bring Your Own

Rewards programs are designed to get previous customers back in your door more often and to spend more money than the average customer each time they come in. They work. The average rewards customer visits a location almost 3 times as frequently as non rewards customers and spends on average 50% more each time the visit. Reward programs are a fantastic way to increase your overall revenue.

Increased Frequency of Visits 3x
Increased Avg Spend per visit 50%
Maestro Built-In Rewards Engine
Bring Your Own Rewards Program

Existing Rewards Program

Does your company already have a Loyalty Rewards program? Fantastic, Maestro is designed to use the existing information from your existing rewards program so those customer interactions and rewards can be incorporated into the BluePrints designed for your business. Depending on the rewards program you currently use, you may be able to view a customers certificate, redeem an available certificate, verify it the status of a certificate and know how close a customer is to their next reward.

Maestro Rewards Program

Maestro has a built-in rewards engine that can be configured for the needs of a unique vertical. With the push of a button you can easily see which customers have received which rewards. In addition, staff can see how much a reward is worth, when it was redeemed or if it expired and can tell how close the customer is to receiving their next reward! If your business does NOT participate in a rewards program, consider giving it a try. If Maestro does not already have a reward program configured for your vertical, contact your Account Manager today.

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