On-Demand Marketing

Maestro On-Demand Marketing Campaigns

Maestro’s BluePrints are designed to make almost all On-Demand (often referred to as Ad-Hoc) marketing campaigns obsolete. We believe if a business has a reason to send someone a special offer, then anyone meeting those same criteria in the future should also receive that same offer when it is timely and relevant to a given customer in their own specific journey.

That said, there are times in business where the need arises to promote a new product or service, when the business relocates to a bigger and better facility, when a beloved employee retires, an ownership change occurs or in-climate weather requires office or store closure. Whatever the reason, contact Maestro’s support team for assistance. 

In the future, an On-Demand solution will provide the necessary tools to communicate with an audience with the same power of the BluePrint engine and the same flexibility of the Multi-Channel Communications engine to fill the required gaps.

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