Franchise Systems

Individuals invest in a franchise system because it provides a proven business model for them to follow rather than building something from scratch. No matter what, every franchisee will deviate from the proven business model at some point that will cause little or irreparable harm to their location.

Maestro allows franchisors to digitize and enforce their business model (with varying levels of local autonomy the franchisor predetermines) so franchisees and their staff have little option but to follow the proven franchise model.

If and when a franchisee or their staff deviates from the proven franchise model, Maestro notifies them before those deviations take them too far off course.

Franchise Automation

Experience Automation

Support Franchisee growth through Brand managed messaging and BluePrints with localized personalization. 


Powerful analytics rolled up to the Franchisor, distributed to the Franchisee with contextual analysis and special consideration designed for multiple unit owners.

Powerful Asset and Rule Hierarchy

Do you need to adapt Maestro specificly for a region, by type, category or other data classification? No problem Maestro was designed to store and apply rules and assists using a very dynamic hierarchy ensuring that every message is customized to exactly the unique locations personalization.

Want to send out a special coupon for all franchiesees located in the North West of the united states, that are located in an airport, that also have a special piece of equipment. No problem! Our powerful Hierarchy system can adjust the content of a message to a targeted region, or even the timing of a message, the reports they can see or the analytics they get! If it’s adjustable it’s controllable!

Common Franchise Use Cases

Common Franchise Features

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