Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition refers to the attraction, nurturing and acquisition of new customers. The process requires prospective customers to become aware of your business and your persuading said prospects that your business provides a combination of better quality, service, price and value than that of your competition.

today’s marketing

In today’s marketing, customer acquisition is extremely expensive process with many components that can include direct mail, online marketing, social media marketing that are often times made a bit less complicated with a good marketing partner.

While Maestro does not actually strategize and deploy your customer acquisition efforts, Maestro has tools that make the efforts of your chosen marketing partners and campaigns infinitely more effective and rewarding.

Partnering with Maestro allows you to define the exact audience in the United States leveraging 3,000 demographic and psychographic selectors (ie geography, income, housing, children present, net worth, home value, etc).

Let’s use an example of a dental office with and without Maestro’s Audience Development and Budget Protection.

Without Maestro With Maestro
Prospect Area United States 4 Mile radius from Office
Total Prospects 285 Million Adults 75,000 Targeted Adults
Demographic Selectors - 14,000 prospects
Existing Customers - 3,000 customers
Budget Protected Audience 285 Million Adults 58,000 Ideal Target Customers worth investing in

The difference with Maestro is that regardless who helps execute your customer acquisition campaigns, Maestro protects your marketing budgets! Our 100% DIFY solution automatically tells social media and search engines exactly which prospects are allowed to be shown your search, display and pay per click ads saving you in upwards of 66% of your Budget.

Sprint saved $12 million of a $20 million dollar a month budget using this exact same process and they have all the resources in the world to avoid wasting money. 

Isn’t it time to talk with Maestro to see how we can protect your monthly online ad budget from click fraud?

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