Delivery & Onsite Services

Intimate Customer Interactions

Home deliveries are one of very few intimate aspects of the customer experience because you are invited into their home. Whether the delivery is of pizza, appliances, furniture or handyman work, the intimacy factor is very prevalent. Managing that experience is critical from beginning to end.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Generally speaking, home deliveries mean that the person home will likely be a female customer very protective of their domain. Do you email or text a picture of the “technician” dispatched to their home further reinforcing your care of her safety?

Think about any time you’ve ever received a late delivery of pizza. The delivery driver normally apologizes, and everyone goes on with their day, except you feel betrayed because the pizza was 45 minutes later than was promised to you. How impressed would you have been to receive an email from the manager the next morning, personally apologizing for the late delivery, a phone call from said manager making sure you saw his email and the included coupon for a free future pizza?

It’s the little things, what we call the “perceived” experience that is almost more critical than the actual customer experience itself. The customer experience is a culmination of every “real and perceived” interaction the customer has had or thought they should have with your business.


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