Staff Benchmarking

Are You Still Guessing

Data doesn’t become information without critical context. Analyzing your staff’s performance in a bubble is almost the same as driving a new Ford Fiesta out of the dealership and pretending it’s faster and more luxurious as a Lamborghini, simply because there isn’t a Lamborghini there to race with.

Benefits of Context

Maestro updates data in near real-time from every business system connected to it. Every KPI in Maestro is created for your business with the intention of linking data points from varying systems together that provide critical information for better decision making.

It isn’t uncommon for Maestro’s Contextual Analytics engine to evaluate what would normally be 70 to 700 different spreadsheets and combine them into 3 very easy to understand KPIs benchmarking your location’s performance in any given micro area of the business with other locations you own or operate as well as other locations within your brand or industry.


If the answer is no, and being able to pin point specific skills each of your team members excel and need help with, Call Maestro today to talk about your specific business concerns.

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