Contextual Analytics

“Data without context is simply just a number without relevance. In today’s world of reporting, that’s more often what one gets when looking at spreadsheets — data — and lots of it.”

-Brandon P.

In order for one to acquire the information necessary to make informed business decisions (be it the cost of appointment no shows, the cost of customer acquisition, the efficiency of various staff members or maybe the profitability of a given customer segment) multiple reports need to be run separately and data points across those different reports need to be compared and analyzed. Not only is this process very manual and time consuming, it often requires looking at data that is too old to have much relevance to today’s activities.

In a small business, unfortunately, every individual looks at different reports, reviews different data points and this creates problems because three different people reviewing the same five manually run reports can all come to three different conclusions about the state of the business. How is anyone supposed to make an informed or objective decision on how and where to create process or efficiency improvements in their business when three different people can come to three different conclusions? Who has that kind of time?

Maestro simplifies and automates this process for your business. Our contextual KPIs automatically filter and combine data points from multiple reports (often in upwards of 200 to 300 different combined spreadsheets) providing viewers with an easy to understand metric of how well their business is performing for that discreet activity. More importantly, the industry benchmarking provides important context for the viewer to understand their performance on that given metric.

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