OEM, Resllers, Referrals, White labeling… we have solutions for them all

Channel Partnerships

Did you know that Maestro powers thousands of business and manages communications for millions of customers yet they have never heard of Maestro?

That’s by design. Maestro is a technology platform with a preferred go to market strategy in a vertical through strategic partners and resellers. More than 90% of Maestro customers are interacting with the Maestro Platform through an OEM partnership.

Maestro offers

Maestro offers multiple levels of partnerships from referral programs to fully embeded or white labeled solutions! Give us a call today to see what it takes to empower your customers with Maestro!

If your business can identify gaps or problems that you think Maestro’s extensive platform can resolve, please reach out to us to discuss these challenges in more detail, which industry you wish to solve them in and how you plan to roll these services out to an existing or new client base.

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